John, co-director

Dr. John Beckenbach (Co-Director) is an Associate Professor of Counseling and Guidance at California State University, San Bernardino. He has been teaching in counseling programs for over 10 years and a practicing therapist for over 15 years. Throughout his career, John has authored many articles and book chapters and hosted numerous training workshops. Working from a post-modern position, his areas of emphasis include social justice issues and forgiveness and reconciliation processes. His current work is focused on community building, reclamation of self from the effects of trauma, and reconciliation practices in the promotion of social justice.

Work Samples:

Beckenbach, J., Patrick, S., Carlino, G., Carlino, S., Gross, K., Einig, K., and Pyle, E. (2014). The Couples Enhancement Workshop: A brief approach for group work with couples. Journal for Specialists in Group Work.

Beckenbach, J., Patrick, S., Sells, J., & Terrazas, L. (2014). The Statement of Us: A Narrative-Based Practice for Enhancing Couples’ Preferred Identity. Journal of Systemic Therapies.

Patrick, S., Beckenbach, J., Sells, J., & Reardon, R. (2013). An empirical investigation into justice, grace, and forgiveness: Paths to relationship satisfaction. The Family Journal. 21(2), 146-153.

Patrick, S., & Beckenbach, J. (October, 2013). Countering Oppression in Everyday Life: A Documentary. Association for Counselor Education and Supervision National Conference.

Beckenbach, J., Patrick, S., & Medlyn, J. (October, 2013). The Use of a Counselors for Social Justice Student Organization to Promote Cultural Competency. Association for Counselor Education and Supervision National Conference.

Beckenbach, J., & Patrick, S. (2013). The Statement of US: A Practice for Work with Couples in Counseling. Presentation, Conversation-fest 2013, League City, TX.

Beckenbach, J. & Patrick, S. (2013). Practices of Narrative Family Therapy. International Association of Marital, Family, and Couples Counseling Northampton Summer Institute, Northampton, UK.

Beckenbach, J. (2010). The statement of us. In S. Degges-White and N. Davis (Eds.) Integrating the Expressive Arts into Theory-Based Counseling (pp. 187-188). New York: Springer.

Beckenbach, J., Patrick, S., & Sells, J. (2010).  Relationship Conflict and Restoration Model: A preliminary exploration of concepts and therapeutic utility. Contemporary Family Therapy, 32(3), 290-301.

Beckenbach, J. & Garcia, J. (2010). Childhood Experience Inventory: An adult sexual abuse survivor assessment tool. The Wisconsin Counseling Journal, 24, 44-54.

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